The curious case of the glowing beach in Goa

There are not many destinations in India that possess the charisma of being relevant and desirable throughout the year, that have an equally high appeal to people of all age groups and travelers with different purposes. Goa, is one place that has managed to lure people from ages now and continues to do so.

The first thoughts that come to mind when one hears Goa, are wide beaches with lit up shacks all over them, parties and wild nightlife, fashionable beachwear and roaming around the city in motor bikes, carefree days and ecstatic nights. However, amid all the noise and humdrum, the other side of Goa, the more calm, green, clean and peaceful side of Goa, never really gets the recognition that it deserves.

south goa, betalbatim beach, goa
Image: Hindustan Times

Not only is South Goa more peaceful and pollution free, it holds in its heart numerous mysteries that no has tapped into. The lesser tread paths are always intriguing, but not many manage to gather the enthusiasm and courage to take those. Probably that is the reason, South Goa remains a stretch that has not been touched.

However, there are people who look for the Goa that no-one knows about, or no-one wants to know about because that will involve coming out of their comfort zone. Betalbatim beach in South Goa is a beach that has managed to secure its serenity even in an over-commercialized city. It is almost 11 kms from Margao and just 4 kms from one of the most popular beaches in South Goa, Colva beach.

Betalbatim beach stretches 1 km between Colva and Majorda beach. It is a pristine beach with golden sand, clear water and less shacks. Also, it is much less littered than the other popular beaches. It is safe for swimming and attracts fewer tourists. So, if you just want to throw your feet up at the Sun and have a peaceful and quiet time in Goa with authentic Konkani food and drinks, this is the place to be.

But what comes next about this beach is something mysterious; as half of the visitors believe it and the other half dismiss it as a fake story. Here goes, the water in the Betalbatim beach glows in the night sometimes and if you are lucky enough you might experience the luminescent sea when you are hanging around on the beach at night. There are many who believe that the water reflects the light of the moon. But the truth is completely natural and scientific. There are bioluminescent phytoplanktons in the water just off the Betalbatim beach. These are living organisms that live in the tides of the water. When the tides hit the shore, their flow gets disturbed and they secret a light-emitting pigment, this causes the tides to have a blueish glow.

betalbatim beach, goa
Image: LBB

Not just blue, the tides also emit a vague green-light. This is one of the most stunning natural phenomena one can experience in their life. They are dim and vague initially, but as the tides rise and come close to the beach, the lights grow brighter, lighting up the beach as well. On a full moon night, this stunning sight of the sea and the sky being covered in natural, fluorescent lights will make you aware of the magics of nature.

People travel as far as South America to witness these lights, but never come to know that our very own Goa is blessed by the nature too.

glowing beach, betalbatim beach goa
Image: The HotFridayTalks

If you plan to witness this magic, you can stay up at any of the near by hotels or you can put up around the Colva beach. The beach is easily accessible, so you can commute by a cab or a two-wheeler.

Therefore, don’t wait for the right time. The right time to travel, to see the world and the beauties of nature will never come. The right time is now! Find out your own destinations, push the envelope to unlock the mysteries of nature. There is so much we don’t know, so much we don’t see. It’s time we chase the magics of nature that can startle us, make us feel more alive. Let’s start with Betalbatim beach.

Are you going to visit this glowing beach? Let us know!


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