Getting in touch with the inner self: A day in Wayanad

Has it ever occurred to you that despite all the sleep and rest you get at home, you never really feel rested? There is always a muffled voice at the back of your head that summons you to stay alert and worried about almost everything in life? This feeling of constant restlessness can only be eliminated when you get in touch with your inner self, which can effectively happen when you travel.
wayanad hills
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Kerala, is called God’s own country, not for nothing. With all its greenery, serenity, traditions, food etc., it has secured a special place in the hearts of people across the country. While there are number of places in the state that lure tourists all year, no one really talks about the remarkable vibe of serenity and tranquility around the hamlet of Wayanad that can heal the most broken parts of your being. It was one of those weekends when all you feel is despair and see your entire world crumbling down around you, due the lack of meaning in it. At this point, my desperate urge to find a new, better world compelled me to look for the remotest resorts in an off-beat destination like Wayanad. Brainstorming for a couple of hours on a Friday evening, we had the simplest itinerary ready. Saturday morning, three of us left for Wayanad in a cab from Bangalore. wayanad love lake, kerala After about 6 hours, as my face touched the misty air of the hilly region of Kerala, a little ‘it’s going to be alright’ sort of music started playing in my mind. Our resort was 6 kms away from the town and completely disconnected with the regular humdrum. At this point, all I could think was, I have never seen the nature, so fresh, so undiluted. The grass under my feet felt like a natural carpet and the best acupressure technique there is. It was so calm around the property, the quietness started hurting my ear after sometime, how can we, city dwellers be deserving of and used to this form of ultimate serenity.
wayanad resort
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It was evening already and, there were heavy rains. The property overlooked a vast valley covered with forest and surrounded by hills. We decided to show up at the meditation center and unwind. At their meditation center was an expert who helped us understand the procedure. This session was one of the most peaceful times I have ever had in my life. With no voices to be heard except the vague sound of slow breaths, dank air filling the room and my thousand thoughts getting replaced by flashes of the scenery around the property, it did feel like an entirely different world I was looking for. After an hour, we left for our rooms and didn’t speak to each other till dinner, that was how mesmerized we were from the whole experience so far. The food too seemed heavenly; made with authentic Kerala spices, the South Indian delicacies added to our joy.
wayanad sunset
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The next day we woke up to dark clouds looming over tree tops and heavy rains. It was dark and the ambiance resembled dusk time. After raining for quite sometime, the clouds started dispersing and the whole area lit up. The mysterious lights tore the skies and spread across in several streaks. At one point, this bewildering light leak looked like the northern lights. What we just experienced is something words can never explain. (Moving on with the day) After a wholesome South Indian breakfast, we were offered a tour of the property. We strolled around the vast area divided into several interesting expanses. The flower garden, had some of the most beautiful and never-seen-before flowers, their own farm was laden with organic vegetable and fruits, the aroma therapy center, the view-point; everything was better than the other and commanded undivided attention.
wayanad market
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Now, we left for the local market of Wayanad. It was a riot of art and tradition. The streets were dotted with shops retailing textile and handcrafted items. The tempting fragrance of spices, condiments, honey, tea etc., filled the area and a shopping lover will never be able to get enough of it. After laying our hands at some hand-loom products and variety of tea leaves, we started for the property. On reaching, we were greeted with a refreshing beverage which was made of fruits and flower petals. Thereafter, a dinner by the bonfire brought out the best smiles on all our faces.
wayanad resort
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Night fell and the thought of leaving this cozy paradise kept disturbing us the whole time. We did say goodbye to Wayanad in the morning, but what stayed with us was an inexplicable joy and calmness in our bones that nothing could take away. A sense of clarity that was lost somewhere amid the city humdrum, physical and mental exhaustion. So now when people ask me, what did I see in Wayanad, I have the answer. I did not see the numerous sites around the place, but I saw myself. I saw the stability and balance that I thought, had lost, I saw the calm in me, I thought never existed.


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