Shimla EP#3 Best Places Tara Devi Temple, Kali Tibba Temple Chail, Shiv Temple Himachal Pradesh

Chinese 🇨🇳 sang Hindi Song 😁 ❤ आवारा हूँ 🎵🎶🎙 when we were in China, travelling by bus 🚌 PopcornTrip

Shimla EP#2 Travel Guide, शिमला Himachal Pradesh, Attractions | Activities | Reach | Stay

Kalinjar Fort, Biggest Indian Fort in Uttar Pradesh

Neelkanth Temple made of stones rocks, the oldest Indian Shiva temple in Kalinjar Fort, UP

Kalinjar Fort Near Chitrakoot, in Uttar Pradesh

Wellness City Rishikesh, The Yoga Capital of the World.

White water rafting in Rishikesh - thrill and tranquility!

Shimla EP#1 शिमला to Kufri कुफ़री Travel Guide, Himanchal Pradesh हिमांचल प्रदेश