Nandi Hills – By Ashish Dora

They say that ‘the best places are off the beaten path’ and this couldn’t be truer in the case of #NandiHills. My friends and I had recently been to Nandi Hills and all I can say is that it took our breaths away!

When you live in #Bengaluru and navigate through traffic and potholes everyday, a few hours stay in Nandi Hills can be a very refreshing and surprising break. A group of us started on our bikes at 4 am in the morning, braving through the cold and winding our way across the breadth of the city. Travelling with friends in itself is quite enjoyable; but it got better when we hit the six-lane Hyderabad National Highway. It was absolutely liberating. The highway is a perfect playground for #bikers to rev up and test their ‘machines’ to its limits. Just imagine this. Early morning, fresh air, good roads, no traffic and you are on your bike with your set of favourite people – it couldn’t get any better. Or so I thought. Even the winding roads and hair pin bends on the way to Nandi Hills that break the figurative monotony of our lives didn’t giveaway what was to come next. When we reached atop the Nandi Hills, none of all this mattered anymore. It was #pictureperfect… it was pure joy!

I typically am a late riser. Sunrise isn’t part of my daily routine. On most days, I never even stop to realise that the sun has risen. But that day, on top of the #Nandi Hills, when I watched the sun rise, pushing the white, fluffy clouds out of its way, making the sky glow in many shades of orange and yellow, the experience in itself was as breathtaking as it was lifegiving.

Who knew a mere 60-kilometer drive from the humdrum of city life could be so #rejuvenating! My friends and I had a ball of time. It’s an #instagrammer’s paradise. So, we clicked away to glory, capturing these moments forever on our cameras.

I would recommend all #Bengalureans to visit the Nandi Hills. It’s a short getaway, pocket-friendly and one of the few tourist places where the journey is as refreshing as the destination.


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