Top Things to Take Home from Kerala

Traveling in Kerala? Or Planning a Trip to Kerala?

Here’s a shopping list for you so you don’t miss out the the things you should pick up while in God’s Own Country!

Pepper Kerala
Kerala’s spices are world famous and easily available at most tourist spots across the state. From fresh green pepper, cardamon, nutmeg, clove and more, make sure to leave some baggage space to take home some flavors from your travels.
Tea Plantation Munnar Kerala

Tea is ubiquitous across the hills of Kerala. If you are visiting Munnar, don’t miss the Tea Museum, where you can witness the processing of tea from the leaf to the off-the-shelf tea. Pick up some fragrant teas, available in various flavors and well sealed and packed for yourself and friends and family back home.

Coir Mat
Coconut & Coir Products

Kerala’s abandunce of coconut trees make it the ideal location for the Indian coir Industry. Coir and coir products of Kerala are said to be one of the finest in the world. The International Coir Museum in Alappuzha is one of its kind in the country. Coir products make for some amazing souvenirs and gifts!

Kathakali Mask
Kathakali Masks

The bright and colorful Kathakali Masks available in Kerala are sure to add a spark to your wall! Available in variety of sizes and expressions, you can use them to decorate your home or even make for pocket friendly gifts.

Houseboat Model
Houseboat Models

The enticing backwaters of Kerala are home to houseboats. Kerala is also known for its boat races! Reasons enough for you to shop for a miniature model of a houseboat to adorn your living room.

Kerala Nilavalaku Lamp

These are bronze or brass lamps that are  traditionally used in Kerala. They are lit on festival days and other special occasions.

Banana Chips Kerala
Banana Chips

Who does not love a pack of crunchy wafers! Even if you have seen these back home, a pack from Kerala has a unique flavor to it and is a must buy. These chips are available in two varieties – one made from raw bananas and the other made after seasoning the plantain. The quality and taste are amazing and will surely make you wish you had picked a couple of packs more!

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