How to buy Binance Coin 2023 Buy BNB in 4 steps

Binance and Coinbase both offer many cryptocurrency pairs, but the number may vary based on your location. If you are bullish on the future of Binance as an exchange and blockchain provider, then BNB may be a good investment for you. Just remember that all investments in cryptocurrencies are subject to some massive volatility, so don’t buy Binance Coin with any money you can’t live without. However, over the last 60 days, BNB has been resilient compared to many of its competitors – protecting its market capitalization rank behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC and Tether. MetaMask is the go-to wallet for anyone who’s spent time in the crypto space. MetaMask has a mobile app and browser extension that allows you to get quick access to a huge variety of tokens.

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Considering the prevalence of cryptocurrency scams, it is important to purchase binance coin from an established exchange. Furthermore, since many cryptocurrency exchanges and applications do not support Binance Coin in this situation, it cannot be just any exchange. To buy Binance Coin via debit card, you’ll need to use an exchange that accepts it as a deposit method.

How is BNB taxed?

This can potentially save a trader depending on what price they purchased BNB at, but they will save regardless as there is a discounted rate when choosing to pay the fees in this way. Binance Coin investors can either choose to store BNB on centralised exchanges or self-custody their coins by storing them in private, decentralised wallets. Solely Ethereum-based DEXs like Uniswap don’t support BNB swaps on their protocols, as BNB is an asset that is foreign to Ethereum’s blockchain. Other DEXs such as SushiSwap and 1inch, which previously were Ethereum-only services, have switched to a multi-chain approach.

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Rather than just simply purchasing Binance coin and holding onto it owners can also choose to stake BNB tokens. Those looking to stake will need to be sure that they are willing to set aside some of their Binance coin tokens that they won’t be able to use. In the case of BNB, it’s within a seven-day period, and a minimum of 1 BNB is required to stake. Stakers don’t go empty-handed and will earn rewards for the BNB tokens they have staked.

How to Buy Binance Coin Anonymously?

BNB is easily accessible for anyone with a Binance or Binance.US account. Binance.US is the Us-based Binance affiliate regulated by the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). As a platform token, it only makes sense that the best place to acquire it is on its native platform, Binance, and affiliated entities. Visiting the P2P part of the platform, you’ll be able to pick whether you want to buy or sell.

However, they require connecting a crypto wallet to the application, making it for more tech-savvy investors. Below you’ll find the best-decentralized crypto exchange (DEXs) for buying BNB. Besides the usual BNB trading there are also other ways that traders can utilize the coin to help save them money, and buying BNB can help with that. The Binance exchange currently allows traders to pay for transaction fees with Binance coins when trading crypto.

How to Trade on Binance

To connect to these DEXs, wallets supporting the Binance Smart Chain (e.g. MetaMask or Trust Wallet) have to be used. Alternatively, some DEXs running on other blockchains offer synthetic versions of Binance Coin. These tokens represent tokenized BNB on foreign blockchain that track the price of BNB. Because the exchange is a third party, you’ll need to assess whether their security protocols and business practices are up to snuff. Centralized crypto exchanges have been popular targets for hackers, given the large amounts of money they store on their platforms.

Both channels rely on credit/debit cards as the payment method. If you prefer another method such as using bank transfers, check out our other guides on the same. The BNB tokens will be deposited into your Trust Wallet account as soon as the payment is processed, which, if you are using a credit/debit card, should be fairly quickly. To be frank, the P2P trading option might be one of the most suitable choices for those who want to keep things simple, and utilize some specific, niche payment method. On top of that, it may also prove to be a great alternative for those traders who are trying to get the most BTC (or some other crypto coin, such as ETH, EOS, or else) for their money. Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms on the market.

What Are the Fees When you buy Binance Coin?

The easiest way is to stake the coins directly through the Binance platform. Alternatively, PancakeSwap and other protocols allow for BNB staking as well. The process is straightforward and similar to that of an online brokerage. Users will be asked to provide personal information such as their name, address, an official public document (passport) and a proof of address (utility bill). In order to buy BNB on one of these exchanges, an account is needed that requires basic identification, and if larger amounts are traded, a complete verification.

  • Holders must stake a minimum of 10,000 BNB to be selected as validators.
  • However, both provide mobile applications with watch lists or live price tracking.
  • Below is a rundown of some alternative ways to earn money with BNB.
  • Having said that, though, Binance is, admittedly, one of the more complex-looking crypto exchange sites – if you’re completely new to the topic, it can get pretty confusing, fast. offers an amazing portfolio of commodities, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. Therefore, you can purchase BNB and other products to diversify your portfolio. Moreover, it provides an interactive smartphone app so you can trade on the go. EToro is a fantastic broker for beginners thanks to its easy-to-use interface. The platform offers multiple features for beginners like social trading and demo accounts, making it useful for buying BNB. Buy Binance Coin instantly with a credit or debit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

We considered the website and mobile app functionality, availability of knowledge bases, and access to customer service. Our fee and feature charts give a side-by-side view of security, transaction types, fiat currencies accepted, payment methods, and cryptocurrencies. Coinbase’s user-friendly platform makes it a popular crypto exchange to buy Binance Coin for beginners and experienced investors. With diverse payment options including PayPal and a low minimum deposit of $2, buying BNB on Coinbase is accessible regardless of your financial situation. The platform supports numerous fiat payment methods and over 80 cryptocurrencies. This means that it is easy to find the way to buy Binance Coin that suits you most.

Although BNB is popular, think carefully before investing your money in the token—or any cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies can be volatile, with steep price increases and decreases. Set an investing budget for yourself and only risk money you don’t need for essential expenses.

Where to Buy Binance Coin?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy BNB offline as transactions rely on the blockchain, which is always online. Blockchain technology is extremely transparent, and you can view all historical transactions. Websites like Etherscan, Blockchair, and BscScan are great for seeing the progress of your transfers.

For BNB investors it is therefore recommended to keep an eye on the regulatory developments around Binance. You’ll want to make sure that any wallet you choose is compatible with BNB. I’m a firm believer that information is the key to financial freedom. On the Stilt Blog, I write about the complex topics — like finance, immigration, and technology — to help immigrants make the most of their lives in the U.S. Our content and brand have been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and more.

This guide was all about BNB and how to acquire this highly versatile asset. We highlighted two easy ways to buy it, which are using the Binance exchange or using a mobile wallet such as Trust Wallet. In the next screen, Trust Wallet will prompt you to input the amount of BNB tokens you wish to purchase denominated in your preferred fiat currency. The transaction will process immediately and the BNB tokens will be deposited into your [Fiat and Spot] wallet.

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