Top Items to Shop for in Goa

A Trip to Goa is incomplete without experiencing the local markets, haggling and buying some of the local fares.

Listed below are some items that you could bring home as souvenirs from your Goa trip.

Sea Shells

Just as you cannot leave Goa without visiting one of its numerous beaches, you cannot leave Goa without a sea shell souvenir! There are a plethora of items, made of seashells that you can take home from here – necklaces, earrings, bracelets, keychains, lamp shades to name a few.

Azulejos Tiles Goa
Azulejos Tiles

One of the best souvenirs of Goa, you can find these tiles all around the state. Each tile has a different story depicting the culture, landscape and past of Goa. Buy one off the shelf or get one customized for yourself. You can even get your family photograph painted on these tiles!


Your Goa trip is incomplete without the purchase of cashew nuts! Available in various forms – with its peel on, salted, flavored with masala, chocolate covered and more, you can get them everywhere across the state.

Goan Feni
Goan Feni

Goan cashew and coconut feni are one of Goa’s pride as is its Cabo. There are also other fruit based wines that you can buy. Easily available, make sure to take home a bottle, which, in itself makes for a great souvenir! There are mini versions available too.


A ready to eat dessert, Bebinca is made from flour, eggs, coconut milk, and sugar. It has a short shelf life so plan to pick it up just before you leave for home. It is available at supermarkets and bakeries. 


Kokum is to Goa what tamarind is to Tamil Nadu. A natural souring agent, kokum lends its mild flavor to many a dish. It has a lovely pink color. In summer, the markets are full of the fresh fruit while you can pick the dry ones to take home, throughout the year. Take home some Kokum Sherbet to just mix water and relish.

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