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Were a state, it would rank 2nd cheapest for outpatient drug rehabilitation services. These essential health benefits are the minimum requirements for all Marketplace Health Insurance plans and specific services covered in each category can vary based on your state’s requirements. According to Medicare.gov, Medicare covers certain screenings, services, and programs that aid in the treatment of recovery of mental health and substance use disorders. Although there is no distinct benefit category for Medicare regarding substance abuse treatment, such services are covered by Medicare when deemed “reasonable and necessary”. Financing the cost of addiction treatment with a healthcare loan is an excellent option for people who don’t have health insurance.

Even if you can use your insurance at an out-of-network facility, you will likely be responsible for paying a higher rate out-of-pocket. Deciding to attend rehab is the crucial first step in the recovery process. Should an urgent situation arise, and you need inpatient care in less than 30 days, request FMLA leave as soon as possible. When notice isn’t given at least 30 days in advance, your employer may delay your FMLA until 30 days after you make the request. You can, however, request that your employer apply accrued vacation days or paid sick days to your FMLA if they agree.

Is Alcohol and Drug Rehab Covered by Insurance?

This is the best way to make sure you won’t be stuck footing the bill if the insurance company refuses to honor a certain aspect of your treatment. Some rehab centers have experienced professionals that will help you through the approval process. Most inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities have qualified personnel and will offer drug assessment services. Use our database (below) to find facilities near you and contact them to find out if they offer professional assessments. No matter how much rehab costs, the potential cost of addiction is exponentially higher.

Inpatient rehab could cost between $5,000 and $20,000 for a 30-day stay, but again most insurance plans will cover some of this. The cost for alcohol and drug treatment will vary based on multiple factors….location, length of stay, type of services offered, facility amenities, and staff credentials, to name a few. For 30 days of treatment,  the https://stylevanity.com/2023/07/top-5-questions-to-ask-yourself-when-choosing-sober-house.html average cost will range from $10,000 to over $30,000 per month. All treatment organizations accept direct payment (self pay), some take insurance, and only a few have public funding for people who have neither. Outpatient programs are lower in cost than inpatient, are priced according to their schedule and have similar funding options.

Cost of Drug Rehab in Wisconsin

It allows for a flexible rehab payment plan that can be repaid with affordable monthly payments, so you can stop stressing about paying for rehab and focus on your recovery instead. If you do not have health insurance, there are still several additional options that may help you cover the cost of immediate drug rehab without insurance. Here are a few different drug and alcohol rehab payment options that may help you get the treatment you need. Despite the improvements made by this study, there are still limitations to the updated cost bands. As mentioned previously, there is large variation in the average length of stay within most treatment modalities.

how much does it cost to go to rehab for addiction without insurance

Although dual-diagnosis treatment facilities can be costly, many health insurance policies will pay for this kind of care, at least in part. However, due to the greater quality of care, these programs typically involve out-of-pocket expenses ranging from $200 to $900 daily. It’s never advised to attempt detox without medical support since detoxing can be a painful and difficult procedure. Therefore, detoxification expenses can range from $5,000 to $80,000 depending on the inpatient facility, the duration of the stay, and other variables. Outpatient therapy typically costs $1,400 to $10,000, but the total cost depends on additional factors.


Idaho is among the top 10 cheapest states for outpatient drug rehabilitation services. Idaho also ranks 4th in the abuse of prescription opioid painkillers for non-medical usage. The following costs were taken from a 2016 study on the cost of treatment per person based on a survey on the number of patients seeking drug rehabilitation services that year. The average cost per person is derived from the total cost of all treatments that year divided by the population size. Others partner with another detox center first, arranging the admission there and transfer from there to their residential addiction treatment program when detox is done.

Several other substance abuse treatment cost estimation approaches have been proposed since the launch of the first edition of the DATCAP in 1994. Besides these instruments, several published studies use alternative methods to estimate daily, weekly, episode, or total annual costs of treatment. Extensive literature reviews were conducted to locate all of the possible studies that estimate the costs of addiction treatment. We searched Web of Science and Google Scholar using the keywords “substance abuse treatment” or “addiction treatment” and “cost” to identify studies that provide addiction treatment cost estimates.

Cost of Drug Rehab in Oklahoma

It’s important to know what is (and isn’t) covered with your insurance plan before you begin treatment so you can find a treatment facility that fits your needs and accepts your insurance. To use your insurance for inpatient care, call your insurer and ask if the chosen facility is covered. According to the New York Department of Financial Services, your insurer will cover inpatient treatment of a substance use disorder at any in-network facility, regardless of the location. Inpatient rehabilitation centers, like Zinnia Healing, are located in several states. Towns near tourist attractions or popular amenities like beaches or mountains are significantly more expensive than those in rural areas.

The brave choice to get help for your addiction, by contrast, is an investment in your family’s financial future. After all, once you embrace sobriety, you’ll be able to think more clearly and be more productive. You may even find yourself advancing in your career, adding much more money to your monthly budget. Even after alcohol or drug use is stopped, a person experiences withdrawal symptoms from a physical need for the substance. Residential treatment for people who have gone through detox and need basic education and counseling to help change attitudes and behavior.

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